Tin Can Components (Lids)

MC Packaging produces a wide variety of can components in line with the latest developments in the metal packaging space. Our products range from Peel-Off Ends (POE), Easy Open Ends (EOE), Penny lever lids (RLT), to Full Aperture Ends (FAE).

Armed with the latest technology in can manufacturing, we are able to create tin can components such as:

Peel-Off-Ends (POE)

Is a safe method of preserving the food inside the can and providing easy access through easy-open lids. These tin can components have the following specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 401D, 502D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate with Heat-sealed Aluminium Foil
  • Type of Opening: O-Shape, D-Shape & D-cut Shape
  • Available Features: Flat Tab or Ring Pull, Dimple / Non-Dimple, Embossing
  • Applications: Milk powder, Drink powders and other Dry foods

Penny Lever Lids (RLT)

These tin can components are used to seal shut the food inside. The tight seal of the lid can be opened through a lever method. Hence, the name Penny Lever. It has the following specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 300D, 307D, 401D, 502D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate with Aluminium Tagger Foil
  • Available Feature: Dimple / Non-Dimple, Embossing
  • Application: Milk powder and other Drink powders

Sanitary Lids

These tin can components are commonly used for food products that require additional preservation. It helps keep the food fresh at all times. These are the specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 202D, 209D, 211D, 214D, 300D, 307D, 401D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Food products
  • Excellent performance to support retorting process for greater food preservation

Easy Open Ends (EOE)

These tin can components are soft, making it easy to open the can. It has these specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 209D (63mm)
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Evaporated milk and other Liquids

Full Aperture Ends (FAE)

These tin can components are especially suited for beverages and beer cans. These can help keep the beverage’s flavour fresh while making it easy to open. These are the specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 214D (70mm)
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Food products, Condensed milk and other Liquids

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MC Packaging has been supplying quality tin cans with vast options for tin can components for over 50 years to multinational brands. These brands include the following countries:

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The latest advancement in technology enables us to create innovations for food canning solutions, and we can supply a global clientele of top brands in the food packaging industry. The 50 years we’ve served in the manufacturing industry have led us to various innovations and solutions that help us maintain the premium quality we uphold with our products over the years.

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