Can Components (Lids)

MC Packaging produces a wide variety of can components in line with the latest developments in the metal packaging space. Our products range from Peel-Off Ends (POE), Easy Open Ends (EOE), Penny lever lids (RLT), to Full Aperture Ends (FAE).

Peel-Off-Ends (POE)

  • Lids Diameter: 401D, 502D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate with Heat-sealed Aluminium Foil
  • Type of Opening: O-Shape, D-Shape & D-cut Shape
  • Available Features: Flat Tab or Ring Pull, Dimple / Non-Dimple, Embossing
  • Applications: Milk powder, Drink powders and other Dry foods

Penny Lever Lids (RLT)

  • Lids Diameter: 300D, 307D, 401D, 502D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate with Aluminium Tagger Foil
  • Available Feature: Dimple / Non-Dimple, Embossing
  • Application: Milk powder and other Drink powders

Sanitary Lids

  • Lids Diameter: 202D, 209D, 211D, 214D, 300D, 307D, 401D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Food products
  • Excellent performance to support retorting process for greater food preservation

Easy Open Ends (EOE)

  • Lids Diameter: 209D (63mm)
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Evaporated milk and other Liquids

Full Aperture Ends (FAE)

  • Lids Diameter: 214D (70mm)
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Food products, Condensed milk and other Liquids

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