100% Recyclability

Renewable Energy

Resource Efficiency

Ethical Sourcing

Environmental Sustainability

Here at MC Packaging, we produce and promote an inherently environmentally friendly primary product, one that is both highly recyclable and reusable in the world of packaging. But beyond just that, we are guided by many sustainability principles that all aim to reduce any negative impact on the environment. On the energy front, we are taking firm steps towards a greater reliance on renewable energy, as well as constantly reviewing our processes to achieve greater energy efficiency. In terms of moving towards zero waste, we practice effective waste management, focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling where possible.  We also work closely with our suppliers, ensuring that they meet our requirements in terms of responsible and ethical sourcing. When you work with us, you can be rest assured that you become part of our journey towards creating a sustainable future for all.

Sustainability of Metal Packaging

Our primary materials, steel, aluminium and tin are inherently sustainable. These metals, once formed, enter the infinite cycle of reuse, where it gets recycled and reused over and over.  Metal has some of the highest recycling rates globally, due to its well-established infrastructure, and high level of awareness among consumers.

As a packaging material, it provides a hardy and resilient layer of protection for the end user, and in doing so, also greatly reduces food wastage and food spoilage. Through the retorting process, cans can help to preserve and greatly improve the shelf life of various foods, without the need for preservatives or freezing.

Up to 95%

of food cans made from tinplate can be recycled

Up to 75%

energy saved by using recycled metal instead of raw

Up To 80%

of all steel produced is still in the material cycle today

Metal achieves up to 99%

recycling rate compared to other waste types (Paper/Cardboard)