Social Sustainability

We see our employees as one of our most important assets, and of key importance in building a sustainable business. We invest heavily in the health and well-being of all our employees, creating a happy and enjoyable working environment. 

Rewards and Recognition

At MC Packaging, we empower each and every one of our employees to be able to contribute meaningfully to the overall success of the company. We encourage and reward employees for coming up with suggestions, and subsequently work to implement them to improve processes and the quality of life of our employees.

Training Programmes

We strongly encourage and sponsor employees to upgrade themselves by attending external courses.

Internally, we also organise a monthly “Innovation Session” for our employees. This program involves key personnel across all departments to give our employees the time to take a step back from their day to day jobs, and reflect and discuss on various ways to improve ourselves and better serve our customers. We also promote healthy discourse, by encouraging all team members to challenge each other’s opinions in order to come up with the best solutions.

Festive Celebrations

We see all employees as part of one MC Packaging family. Throughout the course of the year, we organise various celebrations for birthdays and key holidays. Celebrations give our employees the time to relax and enjoy, building the healthy culture that MC Packaging is not just a place for work, but a second home for everyone.

Annual Dinner

Our MC Packaging Annual Dinner is the one event that all our employees look forward to each year. It brings everyone together in a night of good food and good fun, giving our employees a chance to bond and create a greater sense of unity. Each dinner is also set to a special theme, such as Halloween Night, which gives our employees a chance to flex their creative side, and dress up for the occasion.