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April 4, 2023 in Tin Can Components

Tin Can Components: The Anatomy of a Tin Can

Tin cans are widely used in the food industry for containing and preserving different types of food. Most tin cans are made with tinplate and…
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April 3, 2023 in Metal Cans

Top 5 Reasons Metal Cans with Lids Are More Sustainable Than Other Materials

Metal cans with lids have been used for food packaging throughout the years. Since the early years of food preservation, metal cans have been the…
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January 19, 2023 in MC Packaging News

Celebrating 50 years of innovation in Singapore

When thinking of hotbeds for can manufacturing, Singapore might not be the first location that comes to mind. The high costs of manufacturing and general…
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November 17, 2022 in Tin Cans

The Evolution of Tin Cans for Food Packaging

Tin cans for food packaging have come a long way. From small jars used for preserving food to metal cans that can store food for…
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October 21, 2022 in Tin Cans

Quality Check: Tips to Buy Tin Cans for Canning

If you're looking to buy tin cans for canning, there are a lot of things you should consider. First, you have to check the quality…
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October 11, 2022 in Metal Cans

Metal Cans for Canning Foods: What You Need to Know

For canned food distributors and food packers, it’s essential to consider the quality of the metal cans used for canning foods. This is to ensure…
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August 31, 2022 in Tin Can Printing

Breakthrough in Can Printing: Digital Printing on Aluminium Cans

Digital printing on aluminium cans is now a possibility with the latest technology. In earlier times, the concept of digital printing on aluminium cans was…
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August 10, 2022 in Tin Can Printing

How to Print on Tin Cans

Tin cans are a great way to preserve and pack food, and they’re also safe, portable and sustainable for the environment for their recyclability. Most…
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July 20, 2022 in Food Packaging, Tin Cans

Types of Tin Cans for Food Packaging

There are many ways to pack and preserve food. That includes canning, pickling, drying, freeze-drying and more. Some of these involve storing the food in…
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June 14, 2022 in Aluminium Can Making Process, Metal Cans

Aluminium Can Making Process: How Aluminium Cans Are Made

Aluminium cans are incredibly popular across the globe, and they’re being used in everything from beverages to soups to pet food packaging to soda cans.…
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May 27, 2022 in Metal Cans

7 Reasons to Use Metal Cans for Canning Foods

Metal cans have been the preferred method of canning food since they were first invented in the 1800s. While some believe that glass jars are…
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January 5, 2022 in MC Packaging News

New logo & Website Announcement

Since 1970, MC Packaging’s logo has been synonymous with our quality and commitment to our customers. For over 50 years our company has delivered reliable…
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December 17, 2021 in Food Safety Management System Certificate

FSSC 22000 Version 5.1 Food Safety Management System Certificate

By: TÜV SÜD Date: 17/12/2021 TÜV SÜD in Singapore presents the FSSC 22000 Version 5.1 Food Safety Management System Certificate to M.C. Packaging Pte Ltd.…
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