Our Approach

We care about the future of our world, and recognise the responsibility that we all must take in order to safeguard the future for many generations to come. As such, we take a multi-pronged approach to sustainability, aimed at achieving our goals in both environmental and social sustainability, to make a difference, and contribute towards a sustainable future for all.

Environmental Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Our Sustainability Actions and Goals

Our sustainability approach is guided by several key pillars and actions in order to achieve our goals. As a responsible business, we are continuously exploring and implementing new technologies and measures to improve our energy efficiency, reduce our environmental footprint as well as promote equality and improve the livelihoods of our workers.

Energy Efficiency

Continuous review into energy management and finding energy saving opportunities

Renewable Energy

Implementing solar panel systems as a push towards renewable energy

Ethical Sourcing

Working closely with our current and prospective suppliers to implement responsible and sustainable sourcing

Resource Efficiency

Push towards a zero waste outcome

Safety & Health

Ensuring all employees are working in a safe environment, with zero accident tolerance


Response to “Green Plan 2030” to improve the living environment in Singapore