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Making world-class Infant Milk Powder Cans Evaporated Milk Cans Food Cans Edible Oil Cans Peel-Off-Ends Penny Lever Lids Sanitary Lids Easy Open Ends Full Aperture Ends Printed Sheets

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Commitment to our customers and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We deliver quality products to our customers with reliability both in manufacturing standards and in timing.

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3-Piece Lithography Cans

MC Packaging is the preferred metal can supplier to the top infant milk powder packers in Singapore. We also produce metal cans for food products, drink powders and many more. Our lithography cans can be printed with whatever designs you may require; anything you dream of, we aim to deliver.

Can Components (Lids)

MC Packaging produces a wide variety of can components in line with the latest developments in the metal packaging space. Our products range from Peel-Off Ends (POE), Easy Open Ends (EOE), Penny lever lids (RLT), to Full Aperture Ends (FAE).

Printed & Coated Sheets

MC Packaging has in-house capabilities for metal printing that is supported by advanced multiple-colour UV Printing and lacquering technologies.

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