Tin Milk Can

Milk, as a dairy product, can spoil quickly if not packaged properly. That’s why finding the right and safe packaging for evaporated and condensed milk is crucial.

When it comes to safe tin milk cans, MC Packaging manufactures premium tin milk cans made from high-quality aluminium and steel. We’re meticulous, especially in the creating process of our cans. Our cans are made with aluminium and tinplate that are guaranteed to be resistant to corrosion, keep your food safe, and last a long time.

For over 50 years, MC Packaging has been manufacturing and supplying tin cans for food packaging to multinational brands worldwide. Our tin milk cans are primarily known for their quality and durability when it comes to storing evaporated and condensed milk.

MC Packaging is here to help you create the perfect packaging for your infant milk powder product that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. You will be able to choose from different designs, colors, finishes, fonts, and much more!

An MC Packaging tin milk can have these specifications:

  • Diameters: 300D and 401D
  • Type: 3-piece can
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Lid Options: Sanitary Lids, Easy Open Ends (EOE), or Full Aperture Ends (FAE)
  • Lacquered externally and internally

We supply tin milk cans to international and top brands!

For packers and filler companies, the packaging is important in your business. MC Packaging has lithography cans that can easily be printed with your packaging brand, and it’s easier than pasting a brand label on each can individually. Lithography cans are also environmentally sustainable since there will be no additional paper waste.

Our tin milk cans are trusted by a multitude of top-selling brands in different countries:

  • Evaporated/Condensed tin milk can Singapore
  • Evaporated/Condensed tin milk can United Arab Emirates
  • Evaporated/Condensed tin milk can New Zealand

Our clientele has reached a global scale when it comes to manufacturing tin milk cans and other metal cans for edible oil, infant milk, and other food products. Our main factory is located in Singapore, but we serve the tin milk can needs of international clients. 

Our cans are designed to be sustainable for the environment

MC Packaging cans are made with tinplate and aluminium. These materials are known for their corrosion resistance. The protective layer that they possess can ensure that the food is not contaminated with other chemicals. It also helps preserve the food to last long.

Quality cans like ours are reusable, so not only can you provide durable packaging but also reusable and environmentally sustainable cans.

MC Packaging tin milk cans are generally sustainable since they can be recycled and reused and are guaranteed to last a very long time!

Evaporated/Condensed tin milk can

MC Packaging is the top tin milk can manufacturer!

MC Packaging has been manufacturing cans for food packaging for many years now. Our experience has led us to create only the finest and most durable cans fit for your top products. You don’t need to worry about getting top cans for your supplies.

We operate with the following core values: integrity, commitment, respect, and continuous improvement. With each tin milk can that we manufacture, we put our 100% commitment to quality, sustainability, and durability to ensure that every packer and filler that relies on our supplies is secured.

Step up your food packaging game with MC Packaging!