Penny Lever Lids Supplier

Penny lever lid are typically used for drinks powder, paint, chemical or solvent cans. It contains a ring and lids. These can components are used to keep the food inside sealed.
Penny Lever Lids Supplier
Each penny lever lid component contains the following specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 300D, 307D, 401D, 502D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate with Aluminium Tagger Foil
  • Available Feature: Dimple / Non-Dimple, Embossing
  • Application: Milk powder and other Drink powders

Penny lever lids are an essential part of the manufacturing process for tin cans as they serve many benefits.

Benefits of using Penny Lever Lids

  • It is a very cost-effective product because the initial investment is less than that of other closures.
  • No changes to the can body construction are required: newer systems, for example, necessitate parallel investment in can body fabrication. Necking is used to keep a trim line or to create section threads for screw tops.
  • This assembly provides the highest level of pilfer proofing and tamper evidence among all re-closable closure systems at no additional cost. Tamper evident over caps, for example, are required for peel-offs.
  • The entire closure system is manufactured by a single company—the can There are no additional parts required, such as over caps or tamper seals.
  • The system outperforms a can with an over-cap in terms of barrier properties. After the tagger is removed, the can is sealed with a steel lid, which has better barrier properties than plastic.
  • The lid can be opened and closed repeatedly without becoming loose. This was made possible by using the so-called “press button” profile for the lid’s skirt.
  • The assembly is pest and rodent-proof, which cans with a plastic top cannot claim.
  • The technology is inexpensive and widely available; it is not limited to a few large corporations.

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