Peel off Ends

Peel Off Ends have become modern and used in recent years, especially for dry pack products. The feature of the ends is tinplate or aluminium lids that heat-seal with aluminium foil. It helps to create an easy way for consumers to open or peel off without having to deal with can openers also without too much fuss. Therefore, a lot of packers are converting their top lids to Peel Off Ends since the performance of the ends is consistent as safe and convenient for consumers.

Peel Off Ends Manufacturer

MC Packaging manufactures premium tin cans with peel off ends components. These components have the following specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 401D, 502D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate with Heat-sealed Aluminium Foil
  • Type of Opening:
  • Available Features:Flat Tab or Ring Pull, Dimple / Non-Dimple, Embossing
  • Applications:Infant Milk powder, Drink powders and other Dry foods

How can peel-off ends be used?

1. Beverage Containers

Beverages packaged in cans are simple to use and keep clean. With this kind of closure, the product is guaranteed to be secure and shielded from leaking or going bad during storage and transportation. Peel off security reinforcement ensures that users may access can lids with ease without worrying about security difficulties.

2. Food Packaging for Dry Powder

Dry foods require special handling up to consumption. As previously established, powder milk packaging first employed the peel off end. Dry foods require a seal to keep the product fresh until opened and shield it from light and moisture.
For achieving these goals, metal packaging is perfect. It permits protection from the elements while maintaining the nutritional value of the food.

3. Fruit, Jam, and Other Foods in Cans

Contamination is the main issue with food packing. Food is preserved and can tolerate substantial temperature changes thanks to peel off end packing.
The packaging procedure can then be carried out without risk of damage. Additionally, the packaging has a longer shelf life, enabling more time for travel and storage.

Benefits of using peel off ends in food packaging

1. Structure that is small

The easy open peel off end has a compact structure that ensures the product’s preservation. It makes sealing the packaging easier and safer, reducing product contamination.

2. Excellent Stacking Performance

This type of packaging protects its interior from external elements due to its structure. This includes the possibility of friction, which could damage the packaging. Furthermore, the peel off end allows for space between cans when stacked without creasing or damaging them.

3. Storage and transportation that is resistant

This type of packaging is quite durable. Not only that, but it is also efficient in terms of content preservation. Furthermore, it enables food to be stored for a longer period of time.

MC Packaging’s Premium peel off ends Components

MC Packaging has supplied a global clientele in the food packing industry. We’re one of the leading peel off ends manufacturers when it comes to tin can components. We have clients from around the world the know us for our peel off ends components:

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  • Peel off ends manufacturer New Zealand

With over 50 years in the business, MC Packaging continues to deliver premium quality tin can products and components to our trusted clientele.

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