Open-Top Sanitary Cans

Sanitary lids are commonly used in preserving food products and help keep the food fresh at all times. Most food packers use metal cans with lids and open-top sanitary cans. It is to ensure that the food will not be contaminated and is secure despite other factors such as transport and mass production.

MC Packaging’s open-top sanitary cans have the following dimensions:

  • Lids Diameter: 202D, 209D, 211D, 214D, 300D, 307D, 401D, 603D
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Food products
  • Excellent performance to support retorting process for greater food preservation

Benefits of Using Open-Top Sanitary Cans

Sanitary lid components are a secure way to keep your food products safe. These lids are pressed together in different variations. MC Packaging follows a standard of manufacturing tin can components to ensure the quality remains maintained. There are a lot of benefits to using metal cans with lids rather than conventional food preservation materials.

Keeps the food fresh for longer.

Tin cans with sanitary lids and open-top sanitary cans help preserve food products that usually perish within a short amount of time out in the open. These products include fruit chunks, fish preserves, jams and the like. Storing food products like these in metal cans with lids helps preserve the food for days, weeks or even months.

Secures the food in transport.

Most food packing companies and suppliers transport large batches of preserved goods. It helps to have a secure, sanitary lid component on the tin cans used to preserve food. The large batch transport can take a toll on the food products and could ruin the freshness and value of the food. With a secure open-top sanitary can, the food remains fresh even when travelling to a farther location.

Better hygiene and food safety.

When it comes to handling food, safety and hygiene is the number one concern for consumers. Dealing with food products is a delicate industry; selling the wrong product could lead to potential disasters with consumers. So, it’s important to keep in mind the safety and hygiene of the food products that are prepared. Having secure food packaging helps ease consumers’ peace of mind while ensuring safety in the products you distribute. After all, dealing with food products is a health and hygiene concern.

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