Full Aperture Ends

Full aperture ends are can components that work well on condensed milk and other preserved foods. Their thin lining attached to the lid make them easy to open the can while providing maximum security against spilling and leakage. They can help keep the condensed milk’s flavour fresh while making it easy to open.

There are different types of ends used for food cans. The full aperture end (FAE) is becoming popular and widely used in the food industry. In this type of end, the entire can lid is effectively removed during the opening process, as opposed to a beverage end, where only a portion of the end is opened and remains on the end or is separated from the end to allow the contents to be poured from the can.

These are our full aperture end can component specifications:

  • Lids Diameter: 214D (70mm and 73mm)
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Application: Food products, Condensed milk and other Liquids

Full aperture cans usually contain condensed milk, but they can also be used to preserve canned tuna, beans, fruit cocktails and other easy-to-open food cans.

How Does Full Aperture Ends Work?

Full aperture ends in tin cans are usually made into thin sheets so that they will be easier to peel open. They also have a handle that can be easily pulled out in order to open the can. In a way, full aperture end components are a slight combination of a peel-off end and an easy open lid. It combines the two components’ most convenient features; easy open and can be peeled off to open the can entirely.

Unlike beverage cans, these full aperture cans allow the entire circular end lid to be removed, making it easier to scoop out the condensed milk or food product without the need for a can opener. This can is ideal for condensed milk, evaporated milk or other canned products such as spam, ham or preserved tuna.

Here are the different types of full aperture ends:

  • Round Full Aperture End
  • Rectangle Full Aperture End
  • Oval Full Aperture End
  • Full Pour Aperture End

Benefits of Using Full Aperture End

As someone in the packing industry, you’ll need a compact and secure lid to contain certain liquids like milk and other canned foods and make it easier for consumers to open the can by peeling off the entire lid rather than popping out a small portion for an opening.

The full aperture end lid can be peeled off entirely and consumers can scoop out the food from the can. It’s perfect for canned food that you can easily pop off the can and cook.

The best things about using full aperture cans are:

  • Full aperture cans can be easily opened all the way through without the need for a can opener.
  • The thin lining of the lid makes for easier peeling of the lid.
  • Full aperture cans not only hold condensed milk securely but also contain selected preserved foods and liquids.

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