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MC Packaging has been in the food can manufacturing industry for over 50 years, and we’ve established an international brand. We’ve supplied premium quality tin cans for canned food suppliers in Singapore and other countries. Top canned food manufacturers trust our brand and rely on the durability and sustainability of our cans.

food can supplier

In the food packing industry, solid and reliable packaging is a must to ensure the safety and longevity of food products. There are many ways to preserve and store food; the best and most convenient way is through canning. Many food businesses are looking to get their food packed through this method.


When it comes to canning food products such as fruits, seafood and other ready-to-eat dishes, choosing the right can is a crucial step. The cans have to be safe for consumption and durable for transportation.

MC Packaging offers just that as we are the leading food can supplier based in Singapore. We also have clients in other countries such as:

  • Food can manufacturer Singapore
  • Food can manufacturer United Arab Emirates
  • Food can manufacturer New Zealand

We’ve built an international clientele over the 50 years that we’ve been operating in the industry, yet we continue to improve and innovate ways to improve our products. We strive to maintain the consistency of our tin cans. MC Packaging operates under four core values: integrity, commitment, continuous improvement and respect.


MC Packaging ensures that our cans are made from sustainable materials and are specially designed to last a long time, and can be recycled after their initial use.

Each food can is created with precision and consistency to achieve high quality and durability, perfect for safely storing and preserving all kinds of food products. Ready-to-eat foods are safe to consume with our cans.

Our food cans are made from tinplate and aluminium that prevent contamination and keep the food fresh for longer.

Our food cans have full aperture end lids that make it easy to open and sanitary lids to make sure the food stays fresh and safe from contamination. Experts in can-making oversee the food can manufacturing process to make sure there are no defects in our products. There are a lot of steps involved in the food can manufacturing process, and we make sure that there is zero waste or defects in our food cans.

The specifications of a single MC Packaging food can are:

  • Can Diameter: 211D, 300D, 401D, 603D
  • Type: 3-piece can
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Seamed With Top Lids. Lid Option: Sanitary lids or Full Aperture Ends (FAE)
  • Able to support retorting process
  • Externally and internally lacquered


MC Packaging produces high-quality tin cans for top canned food suppliers. We make sure to produce only the best in the market.

When it comes to high-quality and premium cans, MC Packaging is the trusted brand among leading canned food manufacturers.

Reach out to us and take your food business to the next level with our high-quality premium food cans!