Edible Tin Can Manufacturer

MC Packaging has been supplying and manufacturing tin cans for infant milk powder, evaporated/condensed milk, food and edible oil for over 50 years. We’ve built a brand synonymous with premium quality and sustainability. Our cans are made with aluminium and tinplate that are guaranteed to keep food safe and fresh for longer.

Edible oils are difficult to store since they can be slippery and quickly become rancid. Edible oil is also primarily made from fat that hardens when left out in the open. It’s crucial to find an appropriate storage container for these oils.

MC Packaging, Singapore’s leading edible oil tin manufacturer, delivers high-quality tin cans for edible oil at the best prices.

MC Packaging is here to help you create the perfect packaging for your infant milk powder product that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. You will be able to choose from different designs, colors, finishes, fonts, and much more!

MC Packaging ensures our cans are manufactured for sustainability and food safety. We manufacture edible oil tin cans in different sizes and forms:

  • 1L (401D)
  • 3L (603D)
  • 17kg (Rectangular Can)

Our edible oil tin cans are 3-piece cans made from tinplate, and the top lid is seamed for maximum security. There’s also an option for sanitary lids with a plastic spout opening that makes sealing and resealing easy for your consumers.


MC Packaging’s factories are based in Singapore, but we serve international clients worldwide. We’re known in the following countries for manufacturing and supplying quality tin containers:

    • Edible oil tin can manufacturer Singapore
    • Edible oil tin can manufacturer United Arab Emirates
    • Edible oil tin can manufacturer New Zealand

Since our tin cans have reached international consumers, we strive to maintain premium and quality craftsmanship. Our cans are made to be sustainable for the environment and, at the same time, safe for food and other edible products. As an edible oil tin manufacturer, we work precisely and consistently to keep our edible oil tin cans pristine and safe for all kinds of edible oil.


Our edible oil tin cans are made from the finest aluminium and tinplate. Each tin can is pressed and drawn with precise craftsmanship to achieve the perfect shape to store edible oil. Our edible oil tin cans are also made with the end product to be stored in mind, which is why we have a sanitary lid option with a plastic spout opening for easier filling and packing of oil into the container.

These cans are also corrosion-resistant, thus ensuring the safety of your oil products. The aluminium and tinplate last a long time and can be reusable for other purposes, making them sustainable for the environment. We specifically design these cans to last a long time for environmental sustainability.

Edible Tin Can Manufacturer


We’ve been operating our factories for over 50 years, and we’ve reached an international clientele, establishing a brand known to many packers and consumers alike. But despite that, we keep improving our standards and the quality of our tin cans.

With every client we serve, we ensure that our cans pass international standards and quality. Get in touch with us for high-quality tin cans. We supply tin cans for food, milk, edible oil and infant milk powder.

Level up your packaging with durable and sustainable cans from MC Packaging!